View of  Doro gorge near Shingu                                                                                     

 Hiraizumi galleries

Doro gorge 
Kumano Honga 
Kumano road 

Pictures from different temples, shrines, gardens and places in Shingu in Kansei


Asuka shrine (Shingu)
Kamikura shrine (Shingu)
Kumano Hatayama shrine (Shingu) Kumano Honga taisha (Kumano)
Kumano Nachi Taishi (Nachi)


Saiganto-ji (Nachi)


Uesugi Kinenkan (museum and garden)
Doro gorge
Katsuura coast
Kumano road in Kumano and Nachi
Nachi waterfall
Tankakujo park with castle ruins (Shingu)
Taiji whaling port (Katsuura)
Ukijima forest (Shingu)

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